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My Top 5 - Christmas Movies of All Time

It's the beginning of December, it's just snowed, I'm writing this with a Mint Hot Chocolate in hand, tonight I am putting my tree up and I'm feeling all gooey as I let the spirit of Christmas defrost my cold heart. With that, I feel it's only right to kick off December with 5 Christmas Movies that I know I want to make my way back around to this year. So, if you are looking for a decent list of festive movies then sit back and scroll!

5. Anna and the Apocalypse

Of Course, we have the horror in here somewhere! But it's a tame horror-comedy, musical, that was filmed in Port Glasgow!! The movie follows Anna and her friends at high school as a zombie apocalypse begins in the run up to the Christmas Holidays. It also an amazing Soundtrack and lovable moments and British humour that have you laughing along with them. You are for sure in for a good time, so get your spiky candy canes ready for this Horror Flick!

4. Spirited

Following on with our musical entries, we have Spirited. One of the best movies to get your right into the Christmas SPIRIT! It is a modern retelling of the Charles Dickens classic "A Christmas Carol" that follows Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds in an all singing, all dancing story that will definitely get you in the feels! "Good Afternoon" to you all! 3. Home Alone

If you don't love home alone, then I really don't know what to say. this movie is an INSTANT classic and one that always hits me in the feels in the end of both 1 and 2. I'm not even going to give this a synopsis but everyone should love this funny, smart and chaotic movie and if you don't i'll get the wet bandits on you! The slapstick humour gets me every time and I don't think I will ever be sick of this movie. Let's ignore Home Alone 3-5 though please don't watch those, we are doing you a favour.

2. Happiest Season Happiest Season is one of the sweetest movies I stumbled upon a few years ago and it requires an abundance of tissues every single time. This film follows Abby (Kristen Stewart) who wants to propose to her girlfriend Harper (Mackenzie Davis) at Christmas in front of her family... only to discover she hasn't told them she's gay yet! This Rom-Com, is one of the most funny, heartfelt and touching films I have had the pleasure of watching and the addition of Daniel Levy as Abby's best friend really makes you laugh your socks off.

1. Gremlins

This is my favourite Christmas Movie! An adorable adventure, full of laughs and a bit of horror (very tame at that) for you all to enjoy. The movie follows a boy, who receives a pet for Christmas that comes with 3 special rules, Avoid Bright Lights, Don't get them wet and most importantly, don't feed them after midnight. Well the rules aren't followed and Gizmo (the most adorable fluff ball known to man) spawns a mass group of evil killing monsters that go around creating havoc around this small town on Christmas. Such a goofy and lovable movie that has you singing with Gizmo when he chirps his wee tune. Well, there you have it. My Top 5 Christmas Movies. I know there was so much more I could include but these are my ultimate favourites that you can sink your teeth into. Honourable mentions include: The Holiday, Better Watch Out, The Santa Clause, Violent Night and Of Course... The Curfew made by your's truly, Screaming Unicorn! Please also check out our Ongoing Kickstarter for our Project "Skelf" - another horror themed Christmas movie, which is underway with more filming happening next week and Let us know your favourite Christmas Movies so we can add them to our List!


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