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Video games I would like to see get a faithful movie adaptation!

Over the last 20 years, we have seen cinema grow more visually stunning alongside an equally impressive growth in Video Games from reimagined, large-scale remakes to original and beautiful story driven adventures.

With the increase of Video Game to Movie Adaptations, such as Five Nights at Freddie's (2023), Uncharted (2022) Tomb Raider (2018), Super Mario Bros (2023) , and the newly announced Zelda Movie on it's way, I want to take a bit of your time going through my favourite games that I would like to see get that big screen treatment!

Life Is Strange

While this game acts as an episodic adventure, I feel that these characters are so compelling and detailed that we could have a few movies or maybe even a tv show around the characters of Max and Chloe. They are so lovable and damaged that I know I would definitely have a heartfelt cry watching their characters stories come to life. Along with her time travel abilities - watching Max choose the right paths at the most difficult times would be a tense, edge of your seat adventure, that would leave you questioning what you would have chosen in that moment. While you can play the game. I feel there is so much the world of life is strange has to offer, whether that follow Chloe and Max, the Brothers in Life is strange 2 or Life is Strange True Colours. So many social themes run throughout these games and the opportunity to make a beautiful movie/tv show is endless. It would stop us having to chose who to mourn in those special moments at least! Resident Evil Now I know what you are thinking, we already have 7 Resident Evil Movies and 4 anime movies. You are right, We Do. But are they faithful? No, they aren't. Am I Resident Evil's No.1 Fan? I like to think so.

So, How hard is it for us fans to get a FAITHFUL movie adaptation? I love Resident Evil with all my heart, both the games and movies. But, the movies reflect nothing that the games do, they lack the love, the setting, the fear and it leaves me with a hole that I wish was filled with a perfect resident evil movie I was happy with. Chris, Jill, Claire and Leon are all characters that should not be hard to translate from our consoles to the big screen. The games themselves are cinematic masterpieces that have amazing lore and great relationships within them. However, Sony Pictures seem to keep finding ways to ruin them. Even with the less than mediocre adaptation "Welcome to Raccoon City"(2022) they butchered Resident Evil 1 and 2, slapped them together in the worst ways and left us with a bad movie that should have been left untouched. Just stick 1 game entry to 1 movie and keep the superhero turned zombie killer away from the main cast (Sorry Milla Jovovich) and we are on to a winner!! Kena - Bridge of Spirits Kena is one of the most fun and action packed games I think I have ever played. But more importantly, its story is one that leaves you wanting more.

Kena follows a young spirit guide who seeks out dead spirits that have corrupted the land accept their deaths and help them move on with the help of her little adorable Rot buddies to cleanse the land. It's Disney Pixar-esque world leaves me wanting an animated movie in the same nature of the game to let Kena shine more but to also sit back, enjoy the story and take in the world presented to us as Kena tackles the mental process of mourning alongside mighty boss battles and corrupt creatures to find out what happened to the land she protects. If that doesn't sound Disney Princess worthy, i don't know what does. Until Dawn

Until Dawn is one of the best Horror decision based games that is a league above the rest of them. The casting is iconic, the story is gripping and the decisions you are forced to make are so confusing, you can't figure out the right character's to help in important sections of the game. The story of the creatures hunting them as well as a serial killer, the twists, the setting and the ending, all leave you wishing you could have watched it with a blanket over your head. The monsters are definitely one that would translate very well to the big screen and the idea that we would get a definitive death path for the lovable cast would allow me to feel at ease with my decisions that I made through my 8th or 9th play through. As long as we got the same cast, I imagine this would go down in history as one of the most amazing horror movies if it was done right.

Well there you have it, just a few of my top picks for Movie adaptations of video games that would have me seated on day 1. What video games do you think we should be seeing on our big screens any time soon? Leave them in our comments. Keep an eye out on our new short 48 hour movie, Cling, coming out soon... and some news on a new project we are working on! Thanks For Reading!


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