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My Top 5 - Saw Traps That Made Me Look Away!

Used Needles, Acid... and of course several Saw Blades. The run up to the new Saw X is a tense countdown in itself but I feel like it's only right to celebrate the newest gorefest in style. Over the last 20 years, there has been 9 mind-bending saw movies, 2 console games, 62 bloody traps and Over 100 deaths... so far. But, Jigsaw still has a way of curling our toes and making us wince at bones crushing and eyes popping left right and centre. So Be Warned - SPOILER and CONTENT warning!! FIVE - Campbells Trial - Saw 2 The Game - Flesh and Blood
Now, it's one thing watching the movies, but it's another thing to actually PARTICIPATE in the traps! This replica of the trap from the movie, "the nail head trap", gives you 60 seconds to gently pull at every thread of the cut previously made to insert a key behind your eye. You must remain calm for long enough to remove it. Take too long and *squish* what brains you had left; are gone. Brutal. and a great way to start the game off!

FOUR - Knife Chair - Saw 4

Now, every trap is made for a reason; to teach the trapped victim a lesson. But anything worse than causing Jigsaw's wife to lose her child is beating EVERYONE to the top of Jigsaw's list to receive his inventive and pain-inducing punishments. This one is one of the worst things for me to watch. It makes me feel nauseous to think of it when I'm cutting up some peppers while preparing for dinner. Not for the faint-hearted.

THREE - Needle Pit - Saw 2

Amanda is one of the best characters in the series, so much so she's become a killer in the video game "Dead By Daylight". Her origin story of being a drug addict and being put through not just ONE but TWO traps, does make us feel slightly bad for her. That is until you find out she's Jigsaw's right hand woman. But this trap in particular... Nope!!! What makes it worse? Her scraping through it so quickly trying to get it done! The pain-o-meter on this one is WAY too high.

TWO - Coffin Trap - Saw V

This one made you question Everything!!! Hoffman? Strahm? How will this end? Not well. Strahm shoves Hoffman into the box and you think it's all over, but Strahm wishes he had switched places with the devil as the walls start caving in on him. Leg's snapping, Arms crunching. AWFUL!! But such a gnarly twist that leaves you hanging at the end of the movie. Audiences jaws dropped and they had to wait a whole year for the next movie.

Saw 5 is my favourite movie of them all (maybe after 2 ) but that's because of the clever twist at the end. 5 survivors wake up attached to the wall and 4 rooms to face... and one by one... they fight each other to tip fate in their favour in each trial. The best part? If they all worked together then they would have escaped. All the keys, the same. All the tubes for the fire could have fit more than one person If they all were still alive they could have all had some of the electricity go through them. If they all were remaining at the end of the 4th trial; they could have shared a lesser and equal amount of blood with each other. Sadly, that wasn't how it turned out and 2 mangled arms later... I don't think anyone made it out alive? I need to rewatch it. I honestly can't remember. But there we have it, my favourite traps from Saw... technically 9... but it's 5, I promise. I hope you liked my list. But with 62 traps, I don't think anyone could have the same ranking?

What would be your top 5 traps? Let us know in the comments and tell us if you're ready for Jigsaw to strike again in cinema's on Friday. I know I am!!!

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David Spelling
David Spelling
2023. szept. 26.

My mind is drawing a blank but I remember a few of my favourites being.

The needle trap as it's horrific and much like you said the fact you can feel it for her when she's rooting around with the needles.

I also loved the merry go round trap when they were all in the round about thing that they got shot because it was scary and quite brutal.

The bear trap is a classic as it's just the staple of saw.

The remember that other trap in saw 2 where she put her hands in like a glass box and it slashed her wrists. Again horrifying.

The last one was the one in Saw 3 or 4 with the…

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